It is easy to get caught up in the cinema moment with a home theater speaker system like the Blackstone TL1600 from Polk Audio. This 5.1 package includes four small satellite speakers, a center-channel speaker and a subwoofer that work together to create immersive surround sound. Polk Audio really delivers by putting an emphasis on design and craftsmanship.

Bass fanatics may feel somewhat underwhelmed by the frequency range of 40-22,000Hz, but the subwoofer redeems itself with an exceptionally well-blended sound. You won't think about how low the subwoofer can (or can’t) go when you are watching a good movie. You won't even remember the subwoofer is there. And that is exactly how a subwoofer should be in order to maximize immersion.

The center speaker bears the responsibility of projecting all the spoken dialogue and on-screen action. The center channel is the kingpin of the whole system and brings together the video image on screen with all the surround sound speakers. For an optimal audio experience, it should sit directly under the TV, facing you, the viewer.

To fulfill your bass needs, this home theater speaker system comes with an active powered subwoofer. Unlike the other speakers, the subwoofer has no magnetic shielding, so don't place it too close to your television. Subwoofers typically sound best on the floor, at least six inches from the wall, so this should not cause any real problems.

These speakers sound great. In our sound test, we found them to produce a clear, crisp sound. Like any other 5.1 home theater speaker set, this system probably isn't ideal for large rooms, but in a mid-sized or small room, you can expect fantastic quality with a great sound stage. All the technological innovations seem to deliver exactly what they claim; great imaging, tonality and consistency. These speakers may even have you wondering if the sounds are actually real. If you are looking for a great entry-level home theater speaker set, this system is an excellent bet.

In addition to engineering great sound, the manufacturers also found a way to make the Blackstone TL1600 a beautiful home theater speaker system. It's small, it's stylish, and it can be mounted throughout your room without being a distracting eyesore.

Unfortunately, this home theater speaker system does not include speaker cables. Every house is a little bit different, and your cable needs will vary depending on how you plan to set things up. Consider where you want to place your speakers and make sure you get the necessary amount of speaker cable.

This home theater speaker system comes with an average five-year warranty on all loudspeakers, passive crossover components and enclosures. If your speakers have a problem during shipping or from every-day use, you can send them back for replacement, but be sure to keep the original packaging and proof of purchase.

Polk Audio Blackstone TL1600 Summary:

The Blackstone TL1600 speakers are thoughtfully designed, well-built and attractive. While audiophiles may miss some of the low bass tones, the sound is still clear and immersive.

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Polk Audio Blackstone TL1600 5.1

This speaker set looks great and sounds even better.

Although the bass is well blended, the subwoofer won’t reach the lowest lows.

The Verdict
: 8.85/10

The Blackstone TL1600 speaker system is beautifully crafted and well-engineered.