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The Klipsch HD Theater 1000 is one of the few home theater speaker systems by Klipsch that is under a thousand dollars. Klipsch mainly deals with really high end systems that range from ones like this one that are around a grand, all the way up to a 30 plus thousand dollar system that is commercial grade. They are a big company that is successful because of the quality of their products. They leave most of the under a thousand dollar systems to their subsidiary companies like Mirage and Energy but have maintain at least a few of their own.

Why are they so successful at dominating the home theater speakers market? Well, first of all, the company was founded by Paul Wilbur Klipsch who was an American engineer that developed the high-efficiency folded horn loudspeaker. This invention revolutionized the speaker industry from the old phonographs and brought on a whole new bright future that has brought us to where we are today.


One of the biggest crazes now days is HD. Everyone wants to enjoy this new technology that has brought a whole new level to video and audio entertainment. The TV companies are all fighting for the best HDTV spot and get the sales that come with that position. HD is a big deal, plain and simple. HD is step for audio as well as video though and that is one area that all TVs are lacking in. No matter what you do, built in TV speakers will never give the same rich quality effect as surround sound systems. So the next thing you have to do to really enjoy your Blu-ray HD on your 1080p TV is get a sound system. Well neither Blu-ray nor HDTV is cheap so you’re looking for quality that won’t require your soul in the small print. The Klipsch HD Theater 1000 is the perfect solution. Most systems on the same level as this one are around 1000 bucks but this system can be found for about half that. Now your HD package is complete and for less than you thought.

The unique horn-loaded technology that is patented and exclusively designed by Klipsch gives you nearly lifelike sound output. This intensely real sound is why most theaters in North America use the professional line of products by Klipsch to bring us that theater experience that we all love. Now picture having that same effect in your own home. Movies and music no longer have to be just listened to but fully experienced and enjoyed. Besides the obvious benefits to that, this means you can maintain full access to your refrigerator and lounge on your comfy couch while enjoying “the theater”.

As a 5.1 sound system, it’s not really complicated to setup, which makes it nice for those of us without a degree in AV receivers and wiring. Another convenient thing is that it comes with the ability to mount the speakers. Thought he speakers are small and wouldn’t take up much room on a shelf on even on the floor, it is still nice to have them out of the way. It is also easier to get the speakers where you want them this way.


With Klipsch HD Theater 1000 you get balanced quality HD sound at an affordable price. There is no need to spend thousands on a theater-like system when you can get the results that Klipsch provides us here. The years of leading and redesigning the way speakers produce the best possible sound as certainly paid off and is apparent with this particular model.

Klipsch HD Theater 1000 box shot

Klipsch HD Theater 1000

Manufacturer: Klipsch

Model: hd-theater-1000

Pros: These speakers have a flexible layout and are wall mountable.

Cons: When at higher volumes, the sound quality drastically declines.

The Verdict: For the price you pay, you receive quality HD sound on these speakers.

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Klipsch HD Theater 1000 Review