Polk Audio RTi12

Polk has been making audio loudspeakers and over the years they have learned a thing or two when it comes to making a good speaker.

The RTi12 combines just about everything you want in a speaker and none of what you don’t. The sleek finish is available in either a black or a cherry finish and even uses real wood veneers. The speakers are only 7.8 inches wide but are 21 inches deep and over 50 inches tall. Each speaker weighs about 88 pounds. The grille is removable to expose the speaker’s 6 drivers. In all there are 3 bass drivers, two mid drivers, and one tweeter.

Standout Features

• Real Wood Veneers
• 6 Active Drivers per Cabinet
• Carpet Spikes
• PowerPort Plus+


Polk uses real wood veneers on their RTi series speakers. While this does nothing for the sound quality, it does improve the overall appearance of the speakers. Virtually all speakers use particle board to build the speakers boxes, but not all use real wood veneers. This does add a touch of class to the RTi line.

With 6 active drivers per cabinet, the RTi12s are able to reproduce virtually the entire audible range of frequencies. The RTi12s are able to go as low as 18 Hz and as high as 27000 Hz. This ensures that you hear every nuance of detail in movies such as “The Dark Knight.” In all there are three 7 inch polymer composite woofers, two 5.25 inch polymer mid drivers, and one 1 inch silk dome tweeter.

The included carpet spikes make it easier to place the speakers on carpet especially deeper shag type carpets. The carpet spikes actually help keep vibrations at a minimum to help improve the overall sound quality of the speakers.

The PowerPort Plus+ is more than just a bass port. Polk’s engineers have found that the air coming out of the bass ports was turbulent. The turbulent air was hindering the speakers’ efficiency and detracting from the overall sound quality of the speaker. By adding what looks like an inverted funnel, the airflow coming out of the port is smoother, thus increasing the efficiency of the speaker and ultimately, the sound.

Summary of Reviews

The expert reviewers liked the overall appearance of the speakers. The real wood veneers enhanced the visual qualities of the speakers. If nothing else, these speakers look better than the average speaker. The praises don’t end there though. The sound quality matched the good looks. The speakers were able to reproduce nuances that aren’t noticeable in other speakers in its class.

Users were equally impressed. The highs were crystal clear and the detail in the mid bass region was much better than people had though possible. Most users found that adding an additional subwoofer was the ultimate sound experience.


Polk’s history of building high quality loudspeakers is evident in the RTi12s. Sonically they perform better than the competition and they even look like real wood speakers due to the real wood veneers.

Polk Audio RTi 12 box shot

Polk Audio RTi 12

Manufacturer: Polk Audio

Model: am1535

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Polk Audio RTi 12 Review