Polk Audio RTi A1

Don’t let their size fool you. Although these are technically a bookshelf speaker, they sound much larger. Polk has managed to pack a lot of sound into not a lot of space.

The Polk Audio RTi A1 is relatively unassuming at about 12 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The front grille is removable to reveal the 5.25 inch dynamic balance mineral/polymer composite cone driver and the 1 inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter. There is also a bass port located just below the 5.25 inch driver.

Standout Features

• 5.25 inch mineral/polymer woofer
• 1 inch silk/polymer tweeter
• Real wood veneers


With its 5.25 inch woofer and ported enclosure, the Polk Audio RTi A1 can hit notes other speakers in its class can’t. The PowerPort provides superior, clean, low distortion bass that you can feel. The PowerPort reduces the turbulent air coming from the port, making the speakers more efficient and ultimately better sounding.

The 1 inch silk dome tweeter provides all the high end detail. These are the same tweeters used on many of their more expensive speakers in Polk’s line. The silk dome tweeter provides crystal clean audio all the way up to 27kHz.

The RTi A1 features real wood veneers. While this does nothing to improve the sound quality, it does enhance its exterior beauty.

The entire RTi A series of speakers features gold plated binding posts and are all bi-wire and bi-amplification compatible. This ensures the best possible connection and the best possible sound.

Summary of Reviews

The expert reviewers enjoyed the time spent with the RTi A1s. The speakers had a natural and detailed midrange. The bass was also very good, almost unheard of for a speaker of its size. The speakers performed so well, many reviewers spent extra time trying to play different types of music to find its weakness, with no success.

The consumer reviews were equally positive. Most people would swear the speakers were larger if they closed their eyes. The sound was natural. It was neither too bright nor dull, but just right. The price was even better. They aren’t too expensive, but for the dollar, they can’t be beat.


Don’t tell these speakers they are too small. They act like a much larger set and sound just as good. The price is right to make them the perfect upgrade to your theater system. Whether being used for mains or for surround speakers, the Polk Audio RTi A1 will not disappoint.

Polk Audio RTI A1 box shot

Polk Audio RTI A1

Manufacturer: Polk Audio

Model: rtia1c

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Polk Audio RTI A1 Review