Polk Audio TSi400

At just under 39 inches tall, the Polk TSi400 is just the right size to deliver the perfect blend of musical accuracy for your home theater. The sleek tower houses 3 bass drivers and a single silk dome tweeter. The TSi400 is available in either a black or cherry finish.

Standout Features

• 200 Watt Power Handling
• 1 inch Fabric/Polymer Composite Dynamic Balance Dome Tweeter
• Three 5 ¼ inch Bi-Laminate Composite Dynamic Balance Driver


With its ability to handle up to 200 watts, you won’t need to worry about over-powering the Polk TSI400s. Most receivers come in well under 200 watts per channel these speakers should perform quite well with most receivers available today.

The one inch fabric/polymer composite dynamic balance dome tweeter provides clear and accurate highs, all the way up to 25 KHz. The tweeter is housed in between two of the mid-bass drivers which is said to help blend the sound.

Each of the 5 ¼ bi-laminate composite dynamic balance drivers is a powered active driver, which means they all actually produce sound. Having 3 active drivers helps the speaker to deliver extra punch and responsiveness.

Summary of Reviews

The Polk TSi400 performed well according to experts. Given the price of the speakers, the sound was accurate and detailed across a variety of music genres.

Users were also pleased with the TSi400s. The sound was neither too bright nor too harsh, but just right. The sound was great especially given the price of the speakers.


Polk’s TSi400 series speakers are an excellent mix of quality sound and affordable price. They would make a great set of speakers to start building a quality home theater system.

Polk Audio Tsi 400 - Speaker box shot

Polk Audio Tsi 400 - Speaker

Manufacturer: Polk Audio

Model: tsi400 cherry

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Polk Audio Tsi 400 - Speaker Review